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Why choose Mockuuups vs Snapmod?

Mockuuups is the Snapmod alternative that makes customizing screenshots a breeze. Easily create 2200+ stunning Android and iOS screenshots in seconds.

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Snapmod got you started. Let’s take it to the next level.

Snapmod is amazing. It lets you show off your apps far better than standard screenshots and the android community would be stuck for options without it.

That said, with missing devices, janky formatting, and limited customizations it’s not the best solution for everyone.

Let's walk you through why Mockuuups Studio is the Snapmod alternative you’ve been looking for…

Along with some handy extras for taking your screenshots to the next level.

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Si vous voulez faire de belles photos de produits avec vos applications, @Mockuuups est un excellent outil. Installez-le sur votre MAC, il est super facile à utiliser.

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The 4 “No-Brainer” Reasons Why Mockuuups Studio Is Every Professional Designer’s Snapmod Alternative.

Unlike Snapmod's limited devices. Mockuuups Studio lets you paste your screenshots into 2200+ mockups instantly. Customize devices, hands, shadows, scenes, and backgrounds to get sharing.

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All the latest android devices (plus iOS.)

iOS and Android mockups in Mockuuups Studio
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With Snapmod, Android devices are limited to legacy models.

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With Mockuuups, you have access to 25+ flagship android devices (including IOS)

Customize your screenshots, all in one place.

Mockup Studio vous permet de personnaliser facilement votre site Web. mockup
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With Snapmod, you’re boxed into up-close devices and can’t get creative without other tools.

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With Mockuuups, you can customize devices, hands, backgrounds, and shadows to make over 788 million combinations.

Instant formatting to the entire collection.

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With Snapmod, you’re given strict screenshot sizes, and can only preview one device at a time…

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With Mockuuups, simply paste in your screenshot or URL and visuals format to the entire collection (2200+ mockups.)

Get realistic scenes no one else is using.

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With Snapmod, you’re limited to boring, inspiring scenes…

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With Mockuuups, you’ll get access to 2200+ scenes of real people loving your content.

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Is Snapmod enough for me?

If you want to simply show off your screenshots on a standalone device. Sure, Snapmod works.

But if you’re spending the time to do this anyway, you care about quality content, right?

Mockuuups Studio lets you customize devices with up to 788 million combinations meaning you’ll never run out of ideas to make your content truly shine.

Plus with custom export sizes and backgrounds, you’ll never have to use another app again.

Join over 100K designers and teams using Mockuuups Studio to supercharge their productivity. Create your perfect mockup for free today.

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Your Questions Answered…

Is Mockuuups free?

Mockups studio lets you preview the entire collection for free. Only subscribe to remove the watermark if you like what you see. With a 7-day full access free trial, it’s all you need to get started. The premium plan starts at $15 USD per month, which works out to around 50c per day… Compared to the time taken to create custom scenes in multiple apps. Like many, you’ll find having everything in one place a no-brainer!.

Just imagine how much more engaging your content will be with real people holding your screenshots.

Where do your mockups come from?

In 2016 we ran an agency and wanted clients' apps to stand out in realistic scenes beyond generic, free online templates. But we were stuck on how to make it happen… Did we create mockups in Photoshop? Invest in lighting? Camera gear?
Later that year, we rented a studio to shoot our own scenes, (Yep that’s us.)

Scènes uniques du studio photo mockup

From what started small in our web design office, has now snowballed into creating unique scenes found nowhere else. But we couldn’t keep them to ourselves... From parks to uber rides and travel. Over 5 years we’ve created a ton of niche mockups to give you the most diverse range of scenes out there so you don’t have to.

And we don’t plan on slowing down! These mockups are so unique that you can’t even tell you’re using a mockup generator.

With 12+ models deeply engaged in what could be your app or design. You’ll find something to relate to your market and showcase your work in its full glory.

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