The best TV mockups for online events in 2024

TV mockups are a powerful marketing asset. But sometimes the ones out there can feel overused and might not fit the “vibe” you're after. Check out this new TV mockup collection.

The best TV mockups for online events in 2024

It’s a shame because TV mockups are perfect for streamers, gamers, and live events. And with more events turning online, it’s critical to give a good showcase.

Let’s walk you through this stunning new collection of TV mockups. Then dive into how to use them:

Smart TV mockup

Television Mockup

Television mockup in a cozy living room

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The fast and easy way to make TV Mockups

Now hopefully, you’ve got some ideas coming to you on how you can start using these. But you might be thinking “is it going to take me ages to make them?”

You see, our mission is to make mockups “stupid simple”. So you’ll never have to follow along with a mockup tutorial again! All you need to do is paste in your screenshots or URL and we’ll handle the rest!

Your chosen visuals format instantly to the entire mockup collection! From smaller iPhone mockups right up to 8K TV mockups, just select one and share it!

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Here are 3 ways to use television mockups

Youtube thumbnail mockups - If you’re a twitch streamer or always on the hunt for click-worthy youtube thumbnail content. TV mockups are perfect for in-game screenshots. You’ll never run out of stream graphics again with fresh mockups no one else is using.

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Home streaming TV mockups - If you’re coming out with a new video series or marketing a smart TV app. TV mockups make advertising simple. With relatable scenes ranging from messy living rooms to luxury home cinemas. Viewers can easily picture the experience.

TV Mockups

Live event Television mockups - Many live events turned online this year. But are you skeptical of the experience? We recently interviewed Cole Morgan, founder, and CEO of Stageconnect a software company that lets live presentations on stage see, hear, and interact with a remote audience. He believes in “the future hybrid world, we need a meaningful way to bring remote participants to life. Read more here

TV Mockups

If you’d like to use Mockuuups Studio to let your tribe imagine themselves at your event. Click below and try the TV mockup generator for free!

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