Howdy from Mockuuups Team is one year old now, can you believe it? For the last year it’s been just us three guys clicking away for a bit of fun after our daily jobs as two designers and one developer. We have dedicated many weekends towards never ending photoshoots and retouching sessions. As much as it’s been an exciting journey, it’s also become difficult to keep up with all the demand.

Howdy from Mockuuups Team

Our little “side project” has been growing every month. Each new happy customer and every new subscriber leaves us with a feeling of accomplishment for our efforts over the last 12 months.

That’s why lately we’ve been working on redirecting that excitement into offering more than just the standard paid PSD file. This shift began when we first launched our “freebies” section, where more than 20k downloads over the last** 3 weeks** confirmed we were doing the right thing.

Behind the Scenes of Nokia 3310 Photoshoot

Now we’d like to introduce you to our very own blog: a platform for learning how to use Mockuuups, getting to know amazing designers from around the world, and getting an exclusive look behind the scenes of our workflow. With this content (and perhaps a few surprises down the way) we hope to inspire our fellow designers as well as teach a few new tricks to those looking to improve their skills.

Posts are planned for every week. With enough positive feedback we’ll keep the blog posts coming.

Love the idea? We can’t wait to read your comments and feedback. And help us spread the love with those nice blue buttons bellow :)

What you can expect in the next few weeks?

  • Who's behind all the hands? Interview with our friends
  • Tips and Tricks how to use our Mockuuups
  • Showcase of our favorite designers that use our Mockuuups

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