How do I turn my Premium subscription into a Team?

If you already have an account with Premium subscription and want to switch to the Team one, please, contact us on support and we will sort it out for you.

We'll need to know

  • what billing cycle you'd like to use (annual or monthly)
  • how many team members will there be (including you)
  • confirm that your account has the correct payment method in place (if not, please update it)
Please check the current pricing for teams, which will apply to you once we update your plan.

Handling the unused credit

The unused credit from your premium subscription will automatically be used to pay a part of the new team subscription. This is useful when you have several months left in your personal subscription and you decide to start a team with your coworkers. Your unused months will convert into a prorated discount, so you do not lose anything during the conversion.

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